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How to Unlock Blackberry 8000/9000/Pearl/Bold for Free

blackberry unlock guideYou no longer have to pay a premium for an unlocked Blackberry phone.  This solution works for 8000 and 9000 series models including the Pearl and the new, Bold.  I have confirmed that this guide works on my Blackberry Bold.  I guess I won’t need to lie to AT&T that you’re traveling overseas anymore just to obtain that code!

1. Download and install Microsoft NET Framework 2.0
2. Download and instll Blackberry desktop manager v4.7.0.32
3. Download and install Blackberry Operating System
4. Delete the vendor.xml file located in c:\program files\common files\research in motion\apploader
5. Download and install MFI Multiloader from here:…les.part01.rar…les.part02.rar…les.part03.rar…les.part04.rar…les.part05.rar…les.part06.rar…les.part07.rar…les.part08.rar

alternative link (torrent):

alternative link 2 (torrent) *recommended*:

6. Connect your phone via USB.  Open MFI Multiloader shorcut on your pc and wait until shows Pass
blackberry bold unlock free

7. Then your phone should be like this on your screen.

8. Open Blackberry Desktop Manager shortcut on your pc and read how to update/ReInstall BlackBerry Operating System ? explained down.

9. Run Update. Click Next.
blackberry free unlock 9000
blackberry pearl unlock guide free

If you get an error message about multi loading during the update process, type START on your phone.  It should reboot and give you an error message.  This is what you want. Now, try updating again.

How To update/ReInstall BlackBerry Operating System ?
Connect your device to your computer.
Open the BlackBerry® Desktop Manager.
Click Application Loader.
Click Start in Add/Remove Applications or Update Applications.
If necessary, perform the following actions:
If the Device Security Password dialog box appears, type your device password. Click Next.
If the Communication Port Selection dialog box appears, specify a communications port. Click Next.
Click Next.
Perform any of the following actions:
To add an application that appears in the list, select the check box beside the application.
To add an application that does not appear in the list, click Browse. Double-click an application loader (.alx or .ali) file.
Click Next.
Click Finish.

9. Congratulations your blackberry unlock done by free . You can now replace your SIM and Memory card and set up your phone the way you like it.

Credits goes to ::.::RAMJAN::.::@TRUST GSM™ for centralizing this entire post and other people who discovered this solution

Update 1/5/2009-
Looks like the link for the MFI Multiloader is down.  Try the links below:

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  • joel

    can i to buy software blackberry desktop manager

  • KC

    just to confirm….performing the above method sim unlocks your BlackBerry to work on any GSM network worldwide (Bold, Javelin, Curves, etc…including Storms (Verizon 9530)? appreciate the response…

  • KC

    above links for MFI Multiloader don’t work :(

  • namshik

    joel – you can download it at
    kc – confirmed with blackberry bold, curve, pearl. i haven’t tested it on the storm but i don’t see why it won’t work. looks like link just went down. i’ll update the link or upload a copy of it by the end of day.

  • DDT


  • candela

    as soon as i run the mfi i get an error message saying it requires oracle client software version 8.1.7 or higher
    waht should i do?

  • gita

    I use mac, is there any software for mac?

  • Sam

    I’m really straggling unlocking my Blackberry Bold 9000, and if so the above instruction is helping and working fine, than do I need to install the Blackberry desktop manger latest version? Can you please advice more and be more specific.

  • msaleh

    hey i cant unlock my Verizon BB storm please help.

  • namshik

    candela – i think this is referring to the blackberry desktop software that yo uneed to install

    gita – not that i know of

    sam – you need to install the blackberry desktop manager latest version

    msaleh – that doesnt help me help u

  • nipsta203

    im using windows vista
    and im getting this problem
    Cannot create CFP instance. Please ensure the BBCFPCOM driver is registered.

    what does that mean

  • namshik

    nipsta203 – try reinstalling the blackberry desktop manager software since it appears to be driver related.


    How to make it OFFLINE and OFF

    Thx for OPEN BBOARD
    dont have to registered too.
    BUT please FREE FAST SERVER download.

  • ih8tbobopedic

    hey would this work for a verizon blackberry 8830 world edition they have sim card support in this model

  • katlad

    When I run the MF Multiloader I get this error. Cannot create CFP instance. Please ensure the BBCFPCOM driver is registered.

    Any ideas anyone ?.

  • katlad

    oops, sorry, I didnt see the post just above saying the same thing.

  • William

    You’re the man Bold is completely unlocked , all u guys trying to unlock and getting errors because the MFI Multiloader out there are missing the setup file please make sure u have it if not download it from here
    Take it Easy
    Crack For Life

  • Mikero

    when i go to step 3 what should i choose? my country and provider is not listed anywhere.

  • Pit

    Hi MMl still keep “Connect to device to begin…” message.
    My Bold 9000 is not detected. Anyone knows why?

  • pit

    Hi again, finally the connection works, but i have the same problem than candela ” it requires oracle client software version 8.1.7 or higher” . May i update desktop manager?

  • TOM

    “Cannot find MFI-12511-025 on the server.”

    I now have no PIN and this thing won’t turn on. I’m fairly computer-literate, but I am now confused and I want this Pearl to work. Help me.

  • Gogogadgetgo

    Operating System: I acquired an Orange UK BlackBerry 9000 from my sister who is over seas. i was planning on using the phone on either ATT or T-mobile USA. I am a lil confused as to which OS i download. Please adivse.

  • namshik

    gogo- i recommend at&t. supposedly, that firmware is the least buggiest. either way, either firmware should work fine. i had a 3 (UK) bold flashed on AT&T

  • gogogadgetgo

    Thanks for ur quick response

  • cong

    i get a fatal error when i try update the applications

  • Jared

    what if the MFI do not detect the Bold?
    what could be the source of the problem…???

  • viko

    Hi… i ran the MFI Multiloader and after a while it reads FAIL and says “System.Data.OracleClient requires Oracle client software version 8.1.7 or greater” any help on this? im running windows vista, i dont know if this is the problem…..thanks

  • Jared

    I´m still getting the error

    Cannot create CFP instance. Please ensure the BBCFPCOM driver is registered.

    I already reinstall the driver….. Any ideas????

  • Colaz

    I did all the steps and installed MFI Multiloader as well but When I try to open MFI Multiloader, its displays the message


    Unable to disable suspend on USB. Access to the regisrty key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\USB’ is denied.

    Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem to fix up my BB BOLD.

  • gogogadgetgo

    Hate to sound like a bother Namshik, i am getting the both same errors as posted above, RE: @ Viko’s post. this happens when im connected to the internet. when i disconnect from online I get an abort message:”The MFI file was not found on the local drive. Cannot download from server without an active network connection.” and when opening program i get Colaz’ errors. any ideas?? Please advise.

  • Jared

    I´m still getting the error

    Cannot create CFP instance. Please ensure the BBCFPCOM driver is registered.

    I already reinstall the driver, I have tried with a different Blackberry Desktop Manager version but nothing change…
    ….. Any ideas????

  • Siriuscat

    System.Data.OracleClient requires Oracle client software version 8.1.7 or greater.

    If ur gettin the above error try copying ALL the folders in the MML folder u downloaded (bin Configuration HHfiles MEP NVD Update) and paste them into the MML folder C:\MML. It will ask to overwrite…say yes please, then run MFI Multiloader again and connect BB etc. Hope that helps. Oh..I ran the Multiloader offline too.

  • namshik

    to all the people above who posted errors, I’ll take a look at this stuff tomorrow and update the links to the softwares if necessary. visit tomorrow for an update.

  • Raz

    Hi there, i m unable to download the MFI Multiloader Setup.exe and even all those 8 files. i tried through rapidshare n others but was useless coz it was removed from there.. can u please anyone help me to get those all files. so that i can unlock my BB Bold. It would be the gr8 help for me.

  • Rebica

    I got MFI Multiloader setup.exe but i m unable 2 get rest of 8 files so can anyone telle me that how can i get them or if anyone got it, can u plz upload 4 me.

  • Moe

    hEYY EVERYonee disable your internet connection than try it worked for mee, thank you veryyy much, GREATTT JOB

  • Moe

    Hey, if anyone faces further problems i think its becasue there is a password on the phone, i suggest you use the Desktop manager first to reinstall or update software before opening MML then after updating/reinstalling software dont touch phone after successfully updated like putting password etc, jsut leave it as it is and disable your netwrk connection and start MML, and follow the tutorial above, worked like a charm, Good Luck guys hope i was able to help

  • sv806

    Moe: great advise, was getting that oracle error and i tried wiping and removing the IT thing:
    I also disabled my internet connection, it worked out great!! Thanks for the advice

  • kanaga

    It is nice information.
    I have blackberry pearl model locked with vodafone.I bought the code and the unlocking instructions from this unlock. But i forget the unlocking code.Is there any solution for this?

  • Benjamin

    System.Data.OracleClient requires Oracle client software version 8.1.7 or greater.


  • Benjamin

    Cross over blackberry screen

  • ZwarteBes

    Hello there Namshik.

    Firstly this is the page that I have been looking for all day. Great!

    I am seeking to unlock an SFR France Storm 9500 to use on the KPN NL network.

    Progress so far:
    Step 1 – OK
    Step 2 – OK
    Step 3: The link to the OS page works but I cannot find SFR France.
    What should I do? The OS on the phone is
    Step 4 – OK
    Step 5: Oh Dear!
    The links to the .rar files are still not working. I’m quite comfortable with that because I don’t know what a .rar file is and what I would have to do with 8 of them. However the other links confuse me too because I get a message that says that I cannot read the files and get redirected to Windows Live Search for a file association which it cannot find either!
    Is there an easy alternative to download and setup the MFI Multiloader?

    Right now I’m stuck because I cannot perform step 3 and step 5

    I would really appreciate a little help and advice here. I am not a techy but I do manage to succeed at most things I get stuck into.

    Thanks from a warm and sunny Holland.

  • Stephan

    Hey thanks a lot for the tutorial. I flashed my Bold 9000 from T-mobile to Vodafone and it worked very well.

    To all guys who still face probs I will explain how I did it. may it helps somebody

    1, imoprtant thing for me was the fact that I was very lucky and found the firmware for my bold from the provider I wanted to flash to.

    Don’t know if that was a major reason why it worked out fine.

    Well anyway….

    So I organized all the tools and started playing around like in the manual.

    1, On Vista it didn’t worked out. The T:\RMS –> hasn’t been mounted as the MFI wanted to do.

    On XP SP3 (anything else is standard) I checked out that in my case I had to connect be BB to the master USB slot as the BBManger found the BB but the MFI didn’t. After making sure that the device is connected correct and the RMS mounting went well I saw that my BB was found now. (of course I deleted vendor.xml first.

    When the BB asked me if he shall need to mount the BB smart card i said no as the USB functions are getting lower than if you do. So after that I checked on the BBManager where the device was mounted and if everything was fine.

    Well that’s it and after that it went into Bootloader mode and flashed down the new FW as in the manual.

    Now it is open and working fine
    hope somebody may have more success now

  • Stephan

    Hey, ZwarteBes

    Well the easiest way to get the tool is via torrent download (as you get it into one peace)

    The .rar means a kind of compressing tool like .zip

    you need the winrar app to decompress the files

  • Dissapointed

    This tutorial cannot be applied to a BB 9500 Storm. The MFI Multiloader does not recognise the device!

  • pierre

    hello m6y name is pierre,i need ur advise how to unlock my blackberry 9000 bold its lock from Etisalat U.A.E and i need the new software for

  • bbujoon

    i just unlocked my bb 9000 dduring operation i hade few mistakes first one Please ensure the BBCFPCOM driver is registered. i downloaded this file
    from William above ran the fille instaled all mfi after i v got second mistake: System.Data.OracleClient requires Oracle client software version 8.1.7 or greater i just followed instruction from Siriuscat ‘If ur gettin the above error try copying ALL the folders in the MML folder u downloaded (bin Configuration HHfiles MEP NVD Update) and paste them into the MML folder C:\MML. It will ask to overwrite…say yes please, then run MFI Multiloader again and connect BB etc. Hope that helps. Oh..I ran the Multiloader offline too.’

    and it was successfull good luck by

  • Shaddy

    Hey i tried these steps, step by step. All that happend is that I bricked my Bold with an error saying that oracle required a client 8.17 or something. And now I can’t even restore my bold. Can anybody help me?

  • Shaddy

    Okay void that last comment. I fixed it. I keep getting this error though.
    “Could not find patch T:\RMA\MML\Update\update.xml
    Source : mscorlib

    Anyone know a solution to this?

  • ~Lawrence

    I am getting the same error as Shaddy above.

    And once I click OK, it started up and after a while the second error message came up which is te “System.Data.OracleClient required…” is there one who can help.


  • ~Lawrence

    OK .. for everyone informatin. I have resolved the above problem by turning off the internet access before running the MFI.

    And I have successfully unlocked the phone…… but now … there is another problem which i would like to see anyone who can give me a hand on …. I recieved FULL signal with the sim card .. but whenever i want to call .. it said CALL FAILED.

    Anyone can help please? Thanks.

  • Guigui


    I almost killed myself trying to have the mass storage mode to work with my BB Bold.

    Apparently, the MFI breaks something.

    Here’s a little program to run to repair the BB

    Hope it helps

  • Blackberry unlock

    well in every blackberry mobile phone mostly all the systems are same and perform same task.

    Blackberry unlock

  • Guigui

    I was sure comments were moderated, why is Blackberry unlock allowed to do his advertising, especially commenting on a paying solution on a page that describes the steps to avoid it!!!

    Not sure I can make any sense of all this!


  • Bruno

    What a marvellous thing…and a BB working …It's Raining in Paris ..but my BB works !!

    Thanks a lot you save my (life) BB

    Bruno From Paris

  • venkat2009

    Nice article About the Blackberry Unlocking Details & sOFTWARE Downlaoding Links..My Blackberry Bold Mobile Locked To the Vodafone Australia,i found the Unlocking Instructions I Want Unlocking codes.can anyone Give Me.I found the Unlocking Instructions In the site Unlock..

  • kanaga

    It's nice article.And i agree with venkat.
    But i got the unlocking code and instructions from mobile-unlocker.It's useful for me.

  • kanaga

    It's nice article.And i agree with venkat.
    But i got the unlocking code and instructions from mobile-unlocker.It's useful for me.

  • jacob212

    i was doing this on my bold ,everything went right uptill i connected my bold to reinstall OS but suddenly in the middle of nowhere my bold started flashing 2-3 times and then whole display was gone as if it is switched off ……….and now it is not even starting and does not detect any usb connection or so….plz help ….:(

  • gadgetking

    I had the same problem as Jacob…..any ideas…..anyone?

  • blackberry unlock

    Getting solution via above information which is very useful and thanks to provider …. nice to take pleasure after getting using

  • Unlockingblackberry

    As given above information, it is nice for users to unlock the blackberry , and all of the blackberry have own way to unlock system, that's why each of us should comfirm eact information.

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  • Duy Nguyen

    Does it work for CDMA network (NTTDocomo of Japan)?
    And the unlocked Bold can be used for another CDMA network?

    Thanks a lot.

  • namshik

    Not sure.. I recall cdma being a lot more tricky since they run on different frequencies.

  • cartelz85

    Nuke option selected. and do i need the original sim cuz i dont have it and yeah.

  • BlackBerry Bold

    I saw many of this problem of solution, but I think that above is great. thanks to provider.

  • Niousha

    I have a macbook how can I unlock my BB with mac?:D

  • namshik

    Dont think you can. My advice is find someone w a pc and unlock i

  • crankthat

    Im am living proof that a complete BLACKBERRY IDIOT can do this!, success on my bold. Although at times My heart was pounding cause I thought I had broken it. MAKE SURE you follow the steps and dont skip the ones you dont think is necessary as i did (step 1)

  • crankthat

    I have a macbook too, but i had to dig out an PC and do it, because you can't so step on on OSX

  • murtiasih2020

    nice article here :) . You're information is very useful

  • gougounne

    MFI Multiloader does not detect my bold 9000 ?
    weird…. anyone had this issue ?

  • youngbrisco

    will this work on the bb bold 9000 on rogers?

  • youngbrisco

    will this work on the bb bold 9000 on rogers?

  • aryob

    will it work for blackberry curve 8310 and 8320?

  • George

    Can the missing photos re-uploaded?

  • bbking604

    Mate, Don't waste your time, go to and get your unlock code in 5 minutes .

  • meiya

    yeah me too, what should i do?

  • Meztec


    Can someone confirm if this works on the bold 9700 model at all or can it be done ?

    So many people claim to say ANY blackberry but is that up till the latest model when this article was done – thank you.

  • Abdul R Shaikh

    Can you please upload screenshots again using a different method? They would be very helpful….

    Thank you,

  • namshik

    as a reminder, do not post your imei.
    i'll update the screenshots by the eod.

  • Plrcrd4

    Best phone in black berry series, perfect and executive look like a perfect gentleman.But I had the same problem in my vacation in India. My BB locked for other networks and i suffered for a day and i googled it and i found some paid websites. some are expensive and some are cheaper so i found one cheaper one and they gave me the unlock code within 24 hours. i think they are good
    try that site

    Thanks Ulockgenie to make my vacation happy


  • Anna

    I got my blackberry bold unlocked from They sent me the unlock code super fast and the price was the cheapest I found. And may I add, the customer service is phenomenal! I am a happy customer who wants to spread the word about their awesome service!


  • Walteratkins66

    I got my code form It worked well and I had no problem with the code. Now my phone is unlocked forever.
    This is the weblink for the online instructions for unlocking BB 9000 Bold.

  • Jackdude Uk

    There are lot of ways in unlocking your cell phones.
    Remember, for all phones there are limited number of attempts for entering unlockcode. Exceeding the limits may of course result in hard locking of the cell phone. Beware of the fact that you will come across free codes(fakes most) in the web. But yes you will find real ones too. However pay some $ n get the real codes. Dont tak, risk. I suggest you to go to ( I got the code for my BlackBerry Bold 9000 from this site it worked.

  • Oo

    you are not a customer, you are
    Take a hike

  • Kenny

    This is working perfectly. However the guide needs to be edited a bit. Otherwise 5/5. Thanks RAMJAN and team for making it happen.

  • Tommyho_tan

    hi bro i could not open MFI multiuploader it said registry is denied? can u help me solve it out?

  • prashanna

    Go to and follow instructions there to get your blackberry unlock code,i tried many blackberry unlocking services and i found the best one, it's fast, easy and cheap .

  • Bashir

    Yes this method works and sometimes it might not work and can render your phone useless. Also using MFI you fully reset your phones, something that doesn’t happen if you use an unlocking service. So I suggest, get a unlock code, hassle free and have piece of mind and your phone as it is.

  • Abel Fidato


  • Sisbekele

    Retrieving the com class factory for component{6ed3fe%-676E-440b-9C3F-37FAFE8AD799} failed due to the following error:80040154  MMl say when I click on MEP cleare how can I fix it? 

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